Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are refered to all reservations made on this site. Before making a booking, you are requested to read and understand the terms and conditions.


Stefano Garbui Travel is a travel agency in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) Italy, offers and sells transfer services throughout Italy and Europe. The companies to which the service are entrusted are the car rentals companies with non-scheduled drivers, registered in the “Car Rental with driver” Register and in possession of licenses and permits as required by the law in force carrying out the transfer service. The transfer sales are made through the portal www.easytransfer24.com of which it has the exclusive property.

Before booking a service offered by our Website, you must ensure that you have read and understood these Terms, as it will govern each subsequent Contract. When making a Reservation, you confirm that you have read these Terms and declare that you have the legal capacity to accept them in the name of yourself and all Passengers. Should you not understand one of the contractual conditions, please contact Customer Service before proceeding with any booking. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms, it will not be possible to make a reservation.

For all the necessary information you can write to the following email address: [email protected]


The user who makes a reservation must be 18 years old and must be responsible for what he / she writes when entering the identification data and the route to be requested, check that all the provided information is correct and make payment of the service.

The transfer service is confirmed after the booking voucher has been issued by e-mail. If the Transport Company can no longer provide the requested service, we will inform the user and refund the entire amount paid according to the same method as used for payment, releasing Stefano Garbui Travel from further liability towards who made the reservation.

You will be asked to acknowledge receipt of all communications sent by us. However, if you do not acknowledge receipt of an e-mail, the records existing on our e-mail server will be evaluated as proof of receipt.

Our sending confirmation of expenses and payments made by the user must not be considered as a constraint to any contract.

The booking vouchers that must be presented to the transport company must be printed or available on the mobile so that each voucher is readily available for inspection by the driver who performs the service. The failure by the user to present the Voucher may result in cancellation of the provision of the Transfer Service. It is advisable to print and bring all communications between the parties, in addition to the Transfer Vouchers.

It is absolutely forbidden to search for any of our transfer services for children under 18 years. Parents or legal guardians of minors, in the case of a booking made by a minor, must contact us immediately in order to cancel promptly the reservation. Minors can use our transfer services only accompanied by an adult passenger.


Our online payment system uses the highest security criterion. The payment is accepted with the main credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Diners International, Visa), debit cards (Visa / Delta, Visa / Electron), bank transfer and PayPal.

Stefano Garbui Travel will block the cost of the service in the customer's credit card at the signing of the transfer service order and the debit will be made only 24 hours before the service.

The costs of the service are debited in euros and any currency conversion tool is exclusively provided for the purposes of an approximate calculation.


The transfer confirmation voucher indicates the requested arrival / withdrawal address and the temporary accommodation. If you wish to change the time, date or address you must go to the site, under "My Booking", once changed the service becomes confirmed when the user receives a confirmation email. If the user changes the destination with a longer route, there will be an additional cost equal to the mileage.

The changes are accepted up to 24 hours before the service execution. Any changes after 24 hours will not be accepted.

Once the contract becomes legally binding, the Customer is obliged to inform our Customer Service Center of any error at least 48 hours before the corresponding Transfer Service. The notifications made within 48 hours by the corresponding Transfer Service reserve us the right to withdraw from the Contract without penalty or charge.


The cancellation of the transfer service can be communicated on the website under "My booking", or by sending an email to the booking service attaching the voucher received at the time of booking confirmation. You can cancel separately previously booked Transfer Services as the entire reservation.

If the cancellation is requested more than 24 hours before the scheduled time for the Transfer Service, the sum paid for this transfer will be refunded in full. For cancellations received less than 24 hours before the scheduled time for the transfer service, there will be no refund. In such circumstances we will send you a cancellation notice via e-mail, which can be used to request a refund from the tour operator, airline or travel insurance provider.


Depending on the period and the season, the bookings can be accepted even after 24 hours: the user will send an email to the booking system via the form, which will check the availability of the driver and chosen vehicle. If so, payment will be requested and the voucher will be issued.


If Stefano Garbui Travel is forced to cancel the service or make an important change to it, the user will be promptly informed by email. If the balance of the service was already paid, the paid sum would be fully reimbursed and there would be no further liability towards the user following this cancellation. We will do our best to try to find the valid alternatives for each confirmed and subsequently cancelled booking.


The Italian law for the transport of infants and children includes the use of a seat or a booster seat. Infants and children up to 12 years of age or up to 150 cm use it. During the booking phase in almost all destinations you can book the seat for children or babies.

The user must check, under his / her sole responsibility, that the child seat or booster seat conforms to the selected car and is correctly used and installed on board. Stefano Garbui Travel does not assume any responsibility deriving from the failure or incorrect use, installation, control of the restraint device or deriving from its incorrect use.

If you wish to carry your own seat and have booked a private transfer, you would have to communicate it before the trip. In this way you have the time to ensure that the vehicle supplied by the Transportation Company can accommodate its own child seat. The group services are usually carried out by minibuses or coaches, and in such vehicles it is not possible to use a child seat due to incompatibility with the seats.

We will do our best to ensure that child seats are provided by the same partner transport companies where the transfer services have been booked. However, there may be situations where these seats cannot be supplied. In such an eventuality, the user will receive a full refund for the seats reserved and subsequently not supplied. If there no child seat is available, minors from three years old may travel as long as they wear an adult safety belt. Children up to three years old can be transported without a safety belt as long as they travel in the rear of the vehicle.


All children and babies are counted as adults in terms of occupation of the chosen car, regardless of age, so they must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.


You can also book the transfer services for disabled people: the user must indicate at the time of the request the size of the wheelchair, the model and the number of total passengers who need the transfer service including the number of suitcases. Stefano Garbui Travel will do its best to meet the needs of the user. The following passengers must be able to help the disabled person get in the car and check that the vehicle is suitable for transporting it.


It is recommended to make a travel insurance that meets your needs. Please read all the details of the contract and print the documentation so that you can take it with you on your journey. The full travel insurance will cover many eventualities that may be beyond our control.


If Stefano Garbui Travel fails to comply with these Terms, it will be responsible only in case of loss or damage that is predictable of its own breach of these Terms or of its own negligence and only up to the value of the sum paid by the user. It will not be responsible for any unforeseeable or consequential loss or damage. It will not be responsible for the violations that are not directly attributable to it or caused by accidents, force majeure, or for legal obligations or administrative requirements.

It cannot be responsible for accidents that may occur during the performance of the service, in particular illnesses, personal injuries or death, if not caused by negligence.

This means that, subject to these Terms, you can accept responsibility if, for example, the passenger suffers death or personal injury or if the Transfer Service is not provided as promised or proves inadequate, as a result of failure by Stefano Garbui Travel or the Transportation Company to use reasonable techniques and care in the implementation, execution or supply, as appropriate, of your contracted transport service.

Please note that it is your responsibility to prove that the reasonable practice and attention have not been taken if you decide to file a complaint against Stefano Garbui Travel. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or limits:

a. Stefano Garbui Travel's liability towards you for any death or personal injury resulting from our negligence

b. Any of your other legal rights as a consumer that cannot be excluded or limited. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the content on this site Internet. This includes such occurrences as viruses. However, we will do our best to correct any errors that will be brought to our attention as soon as possible.

If such errors involve reservations made at altered prices and fallacious promotional information, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract without offering compensation to the customer.


Stefano Garbui Travel does not assume any responsibility and will not pay any compensation if the execution of its obligations or obligations of the transport company, directly or indirectly, from or as a result of force majeure or circumstances beyond its control is prevented or affected, including, but not limited, to extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, other force majeure, acts of terrorism, accidents suffered by third parties on the transfer route, police roadblocks, unusual traffic levels, or trade union actions.


All contacts relating to the modification of the booking information must be requested via email or via the "My Booking" item on the Stefano Garbui Travel website. In case of the changes to the contract, the user will be informed by email at the address provided at the time of booking; sending of the change notification by e-mail is considered a proof of receipt by the user. The same system is applicable to all the emails information we can send to the user. In case of delay or flight diversion to a different airport, station or port, the user is obliged to notify immediately the driver (the latter's telephone number is indicated on the voucher). And if it is possible the driver or the car rental company with driver would reschedule the transfer service and would pick you up at the new arrival time, paying the difference on the service. No refund would be given if the driver or car rental company has not been notified of the change.

If for any other reason the user fails to be at the meeting point within an hour (scheduled time written at the time of booking on your voucher), the driver would try to call him at the communicated at the time of booking mobile number. If the phone number is not written at the time of booking, or there is no connection, or the answering machine answers or if the call is not answered, the service would not be guaranteed, Stefano Garbui Travel and the car rental with driver are immediately relieved of its obligations and the reimbursement would not be due.


In case if the user or the passenger does not show up at the established pick-up location within 30 minutes after the agreed departure time, without cancellation, it is considered as a no-show. If the user does not show up, the ride must be paid in full, while the possible additional costs is not applied for the waiting time.

For the airport or station withdrawals (long-distance train stations only), it is considered a no-show case, if the user, or the passenger, does not present himself, without cancellation, at the agreed pick-up location within 60 minutes after the time of agreed departure, this being postponed, in case of delays of the plane or of the train, according to the time frame foreseen between the estimated arrival time and the initial withdrawal time. If a customer does not show up, the service must be paid in full, while for waiting after one hour, it will be at the discretion of the driver to apply or not an additional charge to the user.

The car rental with driver will carry out the pick-up and will lead the user as close as possible to the address written at the time of booking. In case of the closed road due to the weather conditions, road accidents, etc., the driver, on explicit request, will choose a different road to reach the pre-established destination, but in these cases additional costs could be charged to the user. All car rental partners with drivers of Stefano Garbui Travel have all the licenses and insurance to perform this type of transfer service.


The 1-3 pax cars can load a maximum of two large suitcases and two hand luggage trolleys. At the time of booking, when the user chooses the car, the number of bags he can carry is also indicated. The user who presents himself with a greater number of baggage will have to bear the additional costs if it is necessary to resort to changing the car or to another car to supplement the transportation of undeclared excess baggage. If the transport company fails to satisfy the user, he can cancel the transfer service without return of the already paid sum.


The driver or the car rental with driver can refuse the booked transfer service if the user is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and when whose behavior can be considered dangerous for the car driver, for other passengers or for themselves. It is forbidden to smoke inside the car or in the immediate vicinity, to carry drugs of any kind. It is not allowed to eat and drink alcohol inside the car.


If the service received by the Transport Company does not meet the user's expectations, this must be promptly communicated by e-mail to Stefano Garbui Travel, where possible, at the moment in which the problem occurs. The complaints received upon completion of the transfer service, without having been brought to our attention during the transfer cannot be accepted, as there has not been the opportunity to intervene or at least provide assistance. Our contact details are available on your transfer voucher. The written complaints must be received no later than 28 days after the return date and sent via e-mail to [email protected].

In case you want to report a problem on our online booking system please send your complaint by e-mail to: [email protected].


The copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of the websites have been licensed to the Company and are protected by national and international laws governing intellectual property. The use of the content of our site by third parties for purposes other than transfer booking is prohibited, including the modification, subsequent publication and total or partial reproduction or representation of the same without our explicit consent.

The illegal use of our site, whatever the purpose, is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. The total content of this site is protected by both industrial and intellectual property rights and is the exclusive property of easytransfer24.com. It is expressly forbidden to use the website and its contents, as well as the databases and the software necessary for its display or its functioning for commercial purposes, without a written consent from easytransfer24.com.

The forbidden commercial uses include, but are not limited to:

The resale or redistribution of the website, its content and / or its services through any other website. In particular, data extraction techniques to access the website content.

The use of "deep linking" techniques that can confuse the user, for example "framing", and / or techniques that presuppose an illegal or illegal exploitation of the contents of easytransfer24.com

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